My name is Elaine Brown, founder of MACS. I was born in Nottingham in1959

SINCE my first diagnosis WRITTEN below in 2007, I relapsed. My goal was to receive a bone marrow (AUTOLOGOUS STC), which is what happened from JUNE 2013 until JANUARY 2014. Its been the toughest experience of my life but Im here and wasnt as shocked as I felt at my first dance with cancer which surprised me. My husband, family and friends have been amazing throughout. My faith has been strengthened………

Macs was founded July 2007 after my diagnosis in March 2007 of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma  t-cell. I was diagnosed and treated in Spain.

I have “The Degree of Life”, that landed me here in Spain financially independent and “living the dream”. Then, cancer enrolled me on the refresher course March 2007, using my body as the “workshop”…I say refresher course, because already I had the hands on experience………

Cancer first entered my life when I was 3 years old. My biological father died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 29. I was adopted by a wonderful man – who sadly died of lung cancer. He blessed my life in his healthy years, but also during the more difficult times of his cancer – He chose to spend the last six months living with my husband and me. We were his only carers. He did not want treatment at hospital, nor to die there, he only wanted us – and that was an honour. The evening he passed was the most traumatic experience I have ever abandoned. about another as been but by continue diagnosis different feelings felt have in  i may more much my or owns than the to treatment was. I tick all the boxes for caring for a loved one with cancer, experience of cancer and its treatment, but more importantly, experience of being part of the cancer system here in Spain.

Many do not have family here in Spain to rely on when illness strikes. I created this group to bridge the gaps of communication and understanding and more importantly, offer an ear and support in Spanish and English to ensure this journey is made as easy as possible for everyone.  So, with the right people supporting us, we cannot lose!